1/3 Cotton Pad


1/3 Cotton Pad


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Conserve your precious toner/essence and provide more moisture & nutrients to your skin with Pyungkang Yul’s super-thin Cotton Pad. This 1/3 cotton pad soaks up your products with remarkable absorbency, yet consumes only one third of toner/essence than general cotton pads.

  • Made of sponge pulp and remains lint-free
  • Can be used as a facial pack to attach to particular areas on your face such as cheeks, forehead, chin, etc.

Size: 160 pads / box

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Apply 1/3 of the toner/essence amount which you normally use onto the pad and gently pat on your face. Start from wide areas to narrow areas for maximum absorption. To use as a face pack, apply product to the pad until fully saturated and attach to particular areas on your face you wish to treat. Detach after 10 minutes.
Pulp Rayon blend

1 review for 1/3 Cotton Pad

  1. Sara Kang

    I saw a beauty blogger use this type of cotton pad to soak up her essence and place them on her face as a homemade sheet mask. These worked perfectly for that! I also love that I don’t waste as much product with these. And you can’t beat the price!

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